The new season is already inspiring our designers!!! Tenshi Vielle, CRAP designer, just created this Bird Dress with a spring fresh look!!I’m really glad to have a designer at Cotton Candy Mall that offers freebies to her costumers almost every week and that knows how to keep us updated about her work in sl groups or even in blogs. She really think about her costumers captivating them with high quality gifts and new releases. You have, really to check CRAP daily, cause i have never seen someone working so hard to release so original, funny, classy and every time with better quality clothes and accessories. For now let’s just start the season with this fabulous dress!!!


teleport to CRAP


I was desperate, not knowing what to wear. Wandered endlessly around SL looking for clothes. I stumbled upon a sign and my mind went blank for a second or two. Then I burst out; “OH MY GOD! There’s new stuff at Veschi!!!” The crowd around me first looked at me as if I was insane but as soon as I uttered the name Veschi I wish I hadn’t. Now I found my self in the middle of a mad rush towards the store.

OK, after that I must say I added something like 3749567893 new items to my inventory. Alla just just did a fabulous new dress and something different from usual… She did separates!

A wonderful hood that brings a tank top and long sleeve shirt (you have to see the sculpted sleeves and hood ^^)

Pants and shorts with sculptie attachments and a jacket layer for an high waist option 😀 you’ll faint with the colors and texture possibilities.

The dress brings two types of sculptie skirts and a collar. You can choose between plain colors or amazing floral/retro patterns totally Veschi style!

If I hadn’t had enough to fill my closet with earlier it certainly is packed to the brim now as I found out that… Twosome is awesome! Shelby surprised us with new square socks. I must say that each new creation from Twosome is a surprise for me . Watching this evolution of two so new designers in sl (Shelby Wrangler and Visa Volare) is at least impressive, from the wrinkles work to the creativity of textures to the shape of the shirts… I really can’t wait to see more and more. Keep an eye on it as they both are on creation frenzy!!!


Hood, pants and shorts from Veschi

Hair from Gritty Kitty (the bow is scripted)

Flats from Sand Shack Surf Co.

Sneakers from Ubu


Dress “Certain Curtain” from Veschi (pink version there are a lot of color options)

Socks from Twosome

Rain boots from Ubu

Flats from Lassitude & Enui


Different patterns from “Certain Curtain” dress

teleport to Twosome

teleport to Cotton Candy

Last night I stumbled upon the cutest surprise as I skipped down the walkway of Cotton Candy. At the back of one of the shops were the most yummylicious cardigans I have ever laid eyes on.

They were so yummy I would have stuffed them into my mouth then and there if I weren’t afraid of getting thread stuck between my teeth.I must have had a blackout because the next thing I knew was walking into my front door carrying a multitude of pretty shopping bags all from the label Honey Kitty.

The cardigans are in many cute colors each with a different patch on the chest. I must admit I really did lick the cupcake patch on the Oreo flavored… erm… colored one.

What more is the three different shapes of sculpted sleeves which comes with every color, one for long arms and two for shorter.
Honey KItty cardigans 2

A little jammies party. Cate on the left wearing the oreo color cardigan together with the adorable knee high dot border socks and the ribbon holic headband. Cos’ ribbons are just too cute.On the right Uma wearing Cloudy color cardigan aswell as the ribbon holic headband ( This headband is scripted so that you can choose between ten textures).

Honey KItty cardigans

Here’s a closer look at some of the colors. *Licks Cupcake*
The necklace’s are also from Honey Kitty – Eating Cake Accessories.

Enjoy your Yummilicious shopping

Imagine my surprise when i was casually walking into Pudge store at Cherry Buttons and out of the blue got hit by a spoonfull of whipped cream. Soon after i was jumped by a sugar-high Crystyle with a pair of scissors. After a lot of struggling where, at some point i’m sure I got dragged out by my leg from under a couch, I finally managed to escape her very firm grasp. Lucky me a sugar intoxicated Crystyle is just as amazing with a pair of scissors as a relatively normal one. My reward for enduring that heart swallowing moment was two amazing new sculpti hairdoos named “je suis charmant” and “Mary Macaroni Waves of Glory”. They’re both awesome shoulder lenght wavy hair but I can’t help having fallen in love with the crooked bangs of the Macaroni one!!


Hair: Mary Macaroni Waves of Glory from Pudge

Cardigan: Thimbles

Necklace and spoon: Honey Kitty


Hair: Je Suis Charmant from Pudge

Shirt: Thimbles

Necklace and spoon: Honey KItty

Hello to the fashion world!! Finally i’ve joined the blog world and decided to call my blog Shippong as a word i frequently use when i’m in massive shopping mood. What better than start with updates from the malls?
Some stores at Cotton Candy and Cherry Buttons are in creation frenzy!!! Thimbles, CRAP, Honey Kitty, *Icing*, Ki Squared and *Pochette are surprising us with amazing clothes and accessories. For now i’ll leave you with some updates from Cherry Buttons mall! I will soon update ad give some outfit suggestions with clothes and acessories from Cotton Candy!
I want to say thanks to Apatia Hammerer and Mahari Caballero for the support creating this blog ❤



on the left:
skin from Karamia
Shirt and suspenders from Thimbles
Skirt from *Pochette
Hair from Pudge

on the right:
skin from GG Couture
hair from Pudge
pants and belt from GG outure

on top:

dress from Ghost

on bottom:
skirt, belt and shirt from Thimbles
hat from Lapin et Anato


on the left:
skin from GG Couture
dress from GG Couture
socks from Twosome
scripted headband from Honey Kitty

on the right:
skin from Karamia
dress and pants from Untone Quilt
flats from Sand Shack Surf Co.
hat from Lapin et Anato

Cherry Buttons:

Cotton Candy:

❤ Cate Dollinger